As you may already be aware, there has been plenty of changes made in the Castle. Starting from the roof renovation to regular events being organized and treasures being found.

The roof and walls are being renovated. It is great news for all of us. It means the owners have started to take major steps towards bringing the once lost brilliancy of the castle. Once the property is protected by the roof and renovated walls, more works can be taken within the interior.
So far, for those of you who are still not aware of the changes inside, there is a new room now created. It is a beautiful, definitely worth seeing AMBER ROOM, where many photoshoots and exclusive meetings have been taking place. You are more than welcome to ask about it and see it yourself.

Events such as school trips, international kids day and “Niemodlin Days” have been organized within the castle recently. Children seemed to have a lot of fun and wanting to come back. Attractions such as torture room and winery has been opened to visitors. SO WELCOME TO COME AND SEE !

Oh…. ! Most importantly !
While the chapel was being renovated, we have found something VERY VERY SPECIAL! Two coffins! And what is strange about them is that they are metal and inside …. well… inside, we have to wait and see to find out. At first, we have thought, maybe it is the coffin from the legend about Aunt Elżbieta, but because there are two coffins, not one, we shall see when the specialists that are in charge of the coffins tell us.

We are also waiting for several theories to be told about this, as we cannot wait to find out the truth from the researchers.



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