Back to the origins: how it feels to touch the history

Nothing lives forever, history moves in a groove.     As a time machine hasn’t been invented yet, here in Niemodlin castle we are keen to find and share the ways to feel the subtle touch of history for the short second and to feel the spirit of the ancient times

      Niemodlin Castle is gradually changing and developing some charming ideas to show its guests the whole beauty of the faraway past. Preparations of the room with historical costumes and stylized images are coming to the end and everybody will have an opportunity to feel the spirit of ancient beauty.

Polish Castle history

       The idea got all out of a sudden and its main purpose was to bring history back to life through the complete theatrical tour. Obviously, it’s harder to find better place for this aim than the ancient castle where even walls whisper the feeling of the past. The collection will include several exhibits, representing different periods and epochs. There will be a lot of characters, including the medieval well-known image of the White Lady. Historical mannequins will decorate every room to feature images of the Renaissance, Baroque and Medieval times, as well as from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Moreover, we will try to show both the history of clothing and textile. Over the years people discovered different materials: wool, linen, silk and cotton.
       As a part of the exhibition, visitors can get to know some facts about the clothing from specially prepared boards and publications. It is planned to include richly ornamented robes belonging to the nobility and fancy dress, as well as carded shirts, which poor burghers and peasants made. The collection will be extended over time and we hope that one day it will be so rich that people will be able to take some part of it as memorable souvenirs. Another surprise waiting for the Castle’s guests is that all employees of the object: the guides, historians and even ticket seller, will soon welcome you in historical costumes too. So it will be easy to get great photos full of historical presence to check-in your instagram or other social account in this place and just get some original memories of diving deep into the history. Is there anything better to get far from daily working or studying routine than dressing up as a prince or princess, a jester or archer, knight or damsel and spend an enjoyable day “owning” a beautiful castle. And in that way, get full of positive memories and inspired for the future busy working days.

                     Who knows, maybe due to Magic Room, we will be able to restore the magnificence of past epochs. The plans are moving around a lot of other projects. We are thinking of races and demonstrations of historical reconstructions involving enthusiasts and those who deal with this professionally (and such people have already come!). The time will come for everything!

      Let the castle transfer you to the other world. Niemodlin Castle welcomes you to an enchanting world of fantasy and fun, opening soon.

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