The first permanent residents of the castle

     T he first breath of life has appeared among the walls of an empty and mysterious castle. Birds of stunning beauty — Peacocks, had settled here and became the first residents, creating another interesting page of this place.

In residents-of-the-castlemany countries, the peacock was considered as a royal bird, and it was revered as a sacred one. In South Asia, homeland of peacock, people highly value these birds even now, because its warn of the oncoming tigers, snakes and thunderstorms. It is believed Due to their beauty, is said, peacock are able to “recycle” the snakes’ poison.

          PEACOCK is a symbol of pride, grace and beauty. Moreover, some medieval bestiaries tell us that the peacock sheds its old feathers and grows newer, more brilliant from year to year. Niemodlin Castle also will develop and every year become more charming.

       If you are not in a hurry, probably you will see one of the most beautiful sights of spring Niemodlin Castle. Contemplation of peacock feathers brings an incredible pleasure, joy and delight.







 To you see the peacock from fading unwrapped tail it is a sign of luck.

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