Castle owners

herb piastow z opolsko-raciborskiej

coat of arms of the Opole-Racibórz line of Piast dynasty

1224 – 1228 Casimir I

Casimir I (born 1178-1180, died 1230) – in 1211-1230 the Duke of Opole of the Piast dynasty.

kaz i opo

the seal of Casimir I

1228 – 1228 Klemens of Brzeźnica

Opole voivodship governor

1228 – 1260 Benedictine monastery in Staniątki

1260 – 1280/81 Władysław Opolski

Władysław opolski (born 1225, died 1281/82) – in 1246-1280/81 the Duke of Opole and Racibórz

Władysław Opolski

the seal of Władysław Opolski

1281/1282 – 1313 Bolko I Opolski

Bolko I Opolski (born 1254-1258, died 1313) – from 1284 the Duke of Opole and Niemodlin.

Bolko I Opolski

Bolko I Opolski

1313 – 1362/1365 Bolesław Pierworodny

Bolesław Pierworodny (born 1293, died 1362-1365) – in 1313-1362/65 Duke of Niemodlin

1362/1365 – 1367/8 Bolesław II Niemodliński

Bolesław  II (born 1326-1335, died 1367/68), in 1362/65 – 1367/68 the Duke of Niemodlin

1362/1365 – 1369 Wacław Niemodliński

Wacław (born 1345, died 1369) – in 1362/65-1369 Duke of Niemodlin (co-rulership with his brothers Bolesław II and Henry I)

1362/1365 – 1382 Henry I Niemodliński

Henry (born 1345, died 1382) – in 1362/65-1382 Duke of Niemodlin (till 1369 together with his brother Wacław).

1382 – 1394 Henry II Niemodliński

Henry II (born 1374, died 1394), in 1382-1394 nominal Duke of Niemodlin

1394 – 1400 Bolko IV Opolski

Bolko IV (born 1363-1367, died 1437) – in 1382-1400 Duke of Niemodlin

1382 – 1450 Bernard Niemodliński

Bernard (born 1374-1378, died 1455) – in 1382-1400 Duke of Niemodlin (with his brothers)

1450 – 1460 Bolko V Husyta

Bolko V Husyta (born 1400, died 1460) – from 1450 Duke of Niemodlin

Bolko V Husyta

Bolko V Husyta

1460 – 1476 Mikołaj I Opolski

Mikołaj I Opolski (born 1422-1424, died 1476 roku), from 1460 Duke of Niemodlin

1476 – 1497 Mikołaj II Niemodliński

Mikołaj II (born 1450-1465, died 1497) – Duke of Niemodlin and Opole


Mikołaj II Niemodliński

Mikołaj II execution in Nysa marketpalce in 1497 (drawing by Juliusz Kossak)

1497 – 1532 Jan II Dobry

Jan II Dobry (born 1460; died 1532) – from 1497 Duke of Niemodlin

Jan II Dobry

Jan II Dobry

1532 – 1543 George Hohenzollern-Ansbach

herb rodziny Hohenzollern

 Hohenzollern family arms

George Hohenzollern (1484–1543) – Margrave of Brandenburg-Ansbach, from 1532 the Duke of Racibórz

Hołd pruski Jana Matejki (1882)  Jerzy Hohenzollern-Ansbach stoi z kapeluszem w ręku za Albrechtem i księciem Fryderykiem legnickim

Prussian Tribute by Jan Matejk (1882)
 George Hohenzollern-Ansbach with a hat in his hand standing behind Albrecht and Fryderyk, Duke of Legnica

1543 – 1551 George Friedrich Hohenzollern (1539-1603)

Georg Friedrich  Hohenzollern (born 1539, died 1603),  Margrave of Ansbach and Bayreuth, Duke of Opole and Racibórz

Jerzy Fryderyk Hohenzollern

Jerzy Fryderyk Hohenzollern

1551 – 1556 Isabella Jagiellon

herb Izabeli Jagiellonki, żony króla Węgier

coat of Izabela Jagiellonka, the wife of King of Hungary

Isabella Jagiellon (born 1519, died 1559) – the wife of Jan Zápolya, King of Hungary, in 1551-1556 the Duchess of Opole in behalf of her son John II Sigismund

Izabela Jagiellonka

Isabella Jagiellon

1557 – 1567 Mateusz von Logau

herb rodziny Logau

von Logau family arms

Mateusz von Logau (died 1567). The owner of Niemodlin in 1557 – 1567.

1567 – 1568 Henry von Logau

Henry von Logau. The youngest son of Mateusz von Logau, the owner of Niemodlin till 1568.

1568 – 1572 Townspeople of Niemodlin

1572 – 1584 Caspar Pückler

herb rodziny Puckler

Puckler family arms

Caspar Pückler von Groditz (died 1584). Took over Niemodlin in 1572, buying it out from the Habsurg family.

1584 – 1591 Balthazar Pückler

Balthasar Pückler von Groditz (died 1591) – the owner of Niemodlin. In 1589 he commissioned the construction of the new north-west wing of the castle together with the gate tower.

1591 – 1600 Polixena Pückler

Polixena Pückler  (born 1583, died 1617). The daughter of Balthasar Pückler, inherited Niemodlin and married  Weighardt Promnitz

1600 – 1618 Weighardt Promnitz

herb rodziny Promnitz

Promnitz family arms

Weighardt Promnitz (died 1618) – husband of Polixena Puckler. He ruled the Niemodlin state from 1600 till 1618. He continued the Kontynuował przebudowę zamkureconstruction of the castle started bz his father-in-law. In 1610-1618 the north-east wing with the chapel, the south-east wing and four corner towers were constructed.

1618 – 1624 Ernst Poser

herb rodziny Poser

Poser family arms

Ernst Poser (died 1624). The tenant of Niemodlin state in exchange for unpaid debts of Weighardt Promnitz.

1624 – 1625 Henryk Pückler

1625 – 1648 Assmann Nostiz

herb rodziny Nostiz

Nostiz family arms

Assmann Nosistz. One Ernst Poser heirs. He ruled the Niemodlin state till 1648, when Seyfried II Promnitz forcibly seized the castle from him.

1648 – 1650 Zygfryd II Promnitz

Seyfried II Promnitz (born 1607, died 1650). The son of Weighardt Promnitz and Polixena Pückler. He ruled the Niemodlin state from 1648, when following the court’s verdict he forcibly seized the castle from  Assmann Nositz with the assistance of Niemodlin townspeople and Opole militia. He died childless in 1650.

1650 – 1655 Bernard von Zierotin

herb rodziny von Zierotin

von Zierotin family arms

Bernard von Zierotin (died 1655). The Lord of Tułowice, the son of Mariana, the younger daughter of Balthasar Pückler adn the sister of Polixena Promnitz. He ruled Niemodlin from 1650 to 1655.

1655 – 1708 Siegfried Erdmann von Zierotin

Siegfried Erdmann von Zierotin (died 1708). The son of Bernard von Zierotin. He inherited Niemodlin state and Tułowice.

1708 – 1731 Franz Ludwig von Zierotin

Franz Ludwig von Zierotin (died 1731). The son of Siegfried Erdmann von Zierotin. The Lord of Niemodlin and Tułowice.

1731 – 1779 Michael von Zierotin

Michael von Zierotin (died 1779). Younger son of Franz Ludwig von Zierotin. In 1731 – 1748 a co-heir of Niemodlin together with his brother Franz. In 1748 after the inheritance division became the only owner of Niemodlin and Tułowice. After his brother died childless in 1755 he also inherited the Moravian properties of the family and moved to Valašskie Meziřice. He died childless in 1779. In his will he transferred  Niemodlin and Tułowice to Jan Nepomucen II Carl Praschma, the son of his sister Marianna.

1779 – 1822 Jan Nepomucen II Carl Praschma

herb rodziny Praschma

herb rodziny Praschma

Jan Nepomucen II Carl count Praschma (born 1757 – died 1822). The son of Marianna von Zierotin and Jana Nepomucen Praschma, the eight of their 14 children. He took over Niemodlin and Tułowice in 1779 based on the will of Michael von Zierotin, the brother of his mother. He was educated in law in Vienna. He loved literature nad music, collected an extensive library. In 1787 he started renovation of the castle. He died in 1822 and was buried in the castle’s chapel.

1822 – 1860 Fryderyk I Praschma

Friedrich I Graf Praschma Freiherr von Bilkau (born 1786, died 1860). The son of Jan Nepomucen II. Inherited Niemodlin state from his father. He took part in a war against Nepoleon I and was injured in the battle of Jena (1806). In 1846 he invited  Fryderyk Wilhelm IV, the king of Prussia, to visit the Niemodlin castle during his trip to Opole.

1860 – 1909 Fryderyk II Praschma

Friedrich Wilhelm Franz Nikolaus Ernst Leopold Karl Johann Nepomuk Lazarus Graf Praschma von Bilkau (born 1833, died 1909). The son of Fryderyk I. He studied in Berlin and as a zoung man traveled a lot in Europe and Africa. He was an active member of a catholic Centrum Party and in 1866 became a member of lower chamber of Prussian parliament. In 1879 became a member of German parliament. Died in Niemodlin in 1909.

1909 – 1935 Henry Praschma

Johannes “Hans” Nepomuceno Maria Friedrich Emanuel Kajus Piusa Hubertus Graf Praschma Freiherr von Bilkau (born 1867, died 1935). The son of Fryderyk II Wilhelma. He was a lawyer and a Prussian army officer in 1890 – 1895. From 1902 till 1918 he was a member of Reichstag and Prussian parliament. From 1921 to 1930 he was the chairman of the German Centrum Party in Silesia.

1935 – 1945 Fryderyk III Leopold Praschma

Friedrich III Leopold Maria Walentin Emanuel Oscar Graf Praschma Freiherr von Bilkau (born 1900, died 2000). The son of Henry Praschma. He owned Niemodlin till 1945, when he moved to Kapellen in Germany. He died in 2000.

1945 Soviet Army


1946-1971 elementary school


1972-1978 various educational and cultural institutions


1978-1989 District Board of Correctional Facilities


1990 – 2006 Bogdan Szpryngiel


2006 – 2014 Instytut Postępowania Twórczego


2014 – 2015 Paolo Berti de Ravignani


2015 – Centrum sp. z o.o. z Łodzi