Renovation Project


Just an information for people who are really into the future of Niemodlin Castle. This  will hopefully get rid of all the confusion created during an interview on the 27th July with the manager of the castle in Niemodlin. On June 23rd, the owner of the Castle signed an agreement on Design Work in Construction and the author’s supervision. The contract covers the design, building and executive work in the field of protecting the castle, which covers: protection of walls, security arches of the chapel, a comprehensive renovation, including complete replacement of the roof tiles and the implementation of appropriate documentation required by the Polish law.


The whole project was sent to Opole with samples of the roof. Now the owner of the castle is waiting impatiently for the approval by Opole of the whole investment. Niemodlin Renovation Progect

Opole is holding the whole project of the Castle renovation, which lead to a misunderstanding of the same people. Why do they keep promising to renovate the Castle and never take any action?’ This post should explain all the confusion. If You still have any questions on that topic, please leave a comment below and we will answer as quick as possible.

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