The Legend of the White Lady

Her tragic tale traces back to the times when Niemodlin Castle was under the reign of still unknown rulers. It was many years ago, before Fryderyk von Praschma put great deal of time and care to the residence, church, education and glorified The Castle.

Castle Niemodlin legend

         During  the  sumptuous wedding celebration of a young master and a pretty girl from Czech Republic, at the magic moment when twelve shots in honor  of  the bride and  groom were done and the main clock of the tower struck twelve,  the  bride  disappeared  from  the  ballroom. The young man had been looking for his sweetheart in vain. Even the search together with locals didn’t give any results.

         The  next  day  the  innocent  young girl  was found in the coffin which had stayed empty before. She hid from her husband hoping that he would understand how strong their love is, but. . . An  unexpected  twist to this strange love  story was  that she accidently slammed a lid of the coffin and could  not open it. So the wedding feast turned into a funeral and the bride was buried in the basement of the castle chapel. From that day the spirit of White Lady still haunts the castle.

 leegend of White lady         The  legend  of  the Mysterious  Lady  of  Niemodlin  is  well-known among  locals  and  those  who love ancient legends, castles and history. However,  few people know that the White Lady still roams about the castle’s premises and keeps an eye of  Niemodlin’s  treasure.   Whoever stretches out his hand for the property   of   people  on  Niemodlin can   count  on  revenge   from  The Lady  of   the  castle.   Many  people have   heard  her  voice,  and  some reportedly saw her, but when they had a second look – the women vanished . . .

           Although,  locals  casually  accept the regular visits from the Lady in white, but there is another side to this unusual story. A terrifying history lies behind the hunters of ancient treasure, who was died in suspicious circumstances  or  who  was  succumbed  to  the strange and supernatural accidentsю We will never know why Mysterious Lady cannot find her peace. Certainly, her presence isn’t disturbing or frightening anyone.  She just can’t leave the place until treasure will not be returned and wine atoned and until every member of the family will feel safe.

         So,  those  who you decide to enrich at the expense of others, beware! The White Lady of Niemodlin keeps her eye on you!

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