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The castle of Niemodlin is not only the residence and the place of picturesque views and natural peace and quiet, but also amazing place for photo shoots and film settings. The director of the film “Jasminum” Jan Jakub Kolski was full of delight with the place and left the following impressions:


          A week before the first day of shooting I settled in a Niemodlin Castle for a while. Alone.  That day the owner of the castle  wished me good night before his leaving and a heavy door closed.  Good, I thought that I was out of danger  and out  from the White Lady’s visit.  I had got acquainted with a mystical  legend  before  agreed  to come to this case.  It  is  about a young lady,  who  shut  the coffin on  the  day of her wedding a  few centuries ago. On  the way to the bedroom a bit inebriate with wine and excited  with calls of her beloved,  she turned to the castle chapel and hid in a coffin standing there. Locals found her just on the next day. Almost dead.

     I almost had shared her fate because every night I was dying with fear. However,  during  the daytime I was working as a dog.  I set up the camera, designed the scenes, shots and  personnel.  Soon, I got into  the way of the daily  life  of  this   place  so  much  that  the  production of my film had been forgotten and it seemed that White Lady recognized me as the castle resident.  Two  months  later,  arranging  the  film, we discovered the white figure  by the window at the background scene occurred in the office of the prior  Cleophas  (Adam Ferency). She gave a photograph! She was spying on us. Really.

    Another wondering surprise. Before entering, a monk told to put something similar to bird table,  where  a brother  Zdrówko  (Janusz  Gajos)  left  some  food  for  brethren.  Sling  hung  on  forked sticks stuck in the clay threshing floor,  took empty vessels,  leaving the peaks of soup and stewed fruit. The last day of my work here  . . . blossomed. Yes. The entire crew of the film served witnesses. The twenty-eighth day of the shooting, around midnight I asked Cydora (my assistant) to accompany me to the last castle expedition. Guiding  with  his  mobile phone he went down to the basement, then came to the crypt. I stood in front of the graves and quietly as  I  could thanked the spirits for care and protection. jasminum20150817232444-30481905-meNiemodlin Castle  

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  1. Wonderfully written post. :)

    Was looking exactly for this type of mesmerizing story that Poland has to offer.

    Keep up the good work! :)

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