The origins of the castle date back to year 1313, when the son of the Opole Duke Bolek I – Boleslaw, built a stone castle on the place of the former thirteenth-century residence. The property was destroyed and rebuilt several times. In the fifteenth century, Hussites destroyed it, the castle also suffered during a fire in 1552, and during the Thirty Years War. After 1740 it was renovated in the Baroque style, but retained the Renaissance robe.

      In the nineteenth century cloisters were walled up and the chapel was completely rebuilt. Until 1945 it was owned by the von Praschma family. After World War II the castle was occupied by Russian Army and later was the seat of a school, prison authorities and others. For teh last 30 years it was left alone and slowly deteriorating. Now it is owned by the Centrum company from Łódź.


herb Piastow z linii opolsko-raciborskiej

Piast princes

herb rodziny Hohenzollern

Hohenzollern family

Logau family

herb rodziny Puckler

Puckler family

herb rodziny Promnitz

Promnitz family

Poser family

Nostiz family

von Zierotin family

Praschma family

armia czerwona

Red Army flag


Niemodlin’s coat of arms


the emblem of Poland

Herb AA

Majsterek family coat of arms



Coats of arms of the castle’s owners