All faith is gone?: Hidden graves

       Niemodlin Castle

         The information that has surfaced regarding hidden treasure situated somewhere on the grounds where the castle stands is a long standing rumor and mystery. This of course is not a sensation for the locals as of late. There has been talk constantly about this treasure. The  discovery of this treasure has finally come to fruition and the staff and public are elated over this historical find. The community and staff were both stunned and flabbergasted that this myth ceases and now is now truth. 

 kaplica na zamku NiemodlinLast week it was reported that all renovation work in this magnificent castle was ongoing and going according to plan. All materials needed had arrived to complete the process including other teams working in co-ordination with the other teams. The preparations are in place regarding the future plans; events taking place are most impressive in this majestic chapel.

     However, an unexpected call came out of the blue to report yet another discovery. The work and progress came to a stand still in awe of this new find. As it turns out a very precious discovery was made and much more valuable than any gems or gold. The find was not something that was not in game plan, just a shot in the dark.

discovery in Niemodlin Castle

      Two wooden tombs were found and the content was of grave importance so to speak, the content was preserved human remains. These had been buried under the floor structure of the crypt. However, one of the two coffins showed tale tell signs of tampering. There were clear traces of earlier exploration. This fact raises eyebrows and many unanswered questions. Could there have been treasure hunters who stumbled opon this crypt? The second coffin was untouched and intact thankfully.We are looking forward to the specialists arriving and the mystery revealed.

        It was established that the preliminary examinations of the coffins could be up to one-hundred years old. The local historians have the inclination that the coffin very well might be that of Aunt Elizabeth Niemodlin, not a fictional character but the real deal.

discovery in Niemodlin CastleThe legend depicts that she was not buried along side her family but deep in the chapel. The facts are here that it is highly probable that the one is indeed Elizabeth but the quandary is why and who was the other person with her.

      Despite the renovation and the combination of these historical finds the castle is still open to the public. Of course there were places that scaffolding and construction materials that had to be secured and off limits to the public.

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