Ghosts !

This picture has been taken in Niemodlin Castle a few days ago.

duch w niemodlinie

We are wondering what did it used to be (?!) From our observations it does not really look like a ghost of a human… more of an animal , standing on two of their back legs. We would like to find out more about it. What do you think? Maybe someone has any theories about this picture?

Very interesting, at the same time quite scary to know that there are other ghosts than just the white lady.. or is it THE WHITE LADY on the picture?

We have previously heard several stories from people who have stayed over night or even just visited the castle, that it is a usual thing to see the white lady… but this kind of “ghost shape” has been noticed for the first time EVER !

One thought on “Ghosts !

  1. OMG ! I have heard stories about it… maybe it’s the White Lady’s pet

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