Jan Jakub Kolski about a Castle

The castle of Niemodlin is not only the residence and the place of picturesque views and natural peace and quiet, but also amazing place for photo shoots and film settings. The director of the film “Jasminum” Jan Jakub Kolski was full of delight with the place and left the following impressions:

Gold treasure hidden underneath Niemodlin castle

        While treasure hunters seek for Nazi train with gold and other valuables stolen by the Germans during World War 2 and supposedly hidden in a tunnel under Książ castle in the south-west of Poland, it is quite probable that similar Nazi treasure is hidden somewhere underneath the Niemodlin castle. At the […]

Renovation Project

  Just an information for people who are really into the future of Niemodlin Castle. This  will hopefully get rid of all the confusion created during an interview on the 27th July with the manager of the castle in Niemodlin. On June 23rd, the owner of the Castle signed an agreement on Design Work in Construction […]