Ghosts !

This picture has been taken in Niemodlin Castle a few days ago. We are wondering what did it used to be (?!) From our observations it does not really look like a ghost of a human… more of an animal , standing on two of their back legs. We would like to find out more […]


As you may already be aware, there has been plenty of changes made in the Castle. Starting from the roof renovation to regular events being organized and treasures being found. The roof and walls are being renovated. It is great news for all of us. It means the owners have started to take major steps […]


T here are a lot of legends and secrets hidden behind Niemodlin Castle’s walls. The speculations by the locals run ramped about Aunt Elizabeth in particular. 

All faith is gone?: Hidden graves

                 The information that has surfaced regarding hidden treasure situated somewhere on the grounds where the castle stands is a long standing rumor and mystery. This of course is not a sensation for the locals as of late. There has been talk constantly about this treasure. The  discovery […]

Halloween fun

31 of October is a day, which mark the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter. People believe that this transition between the seasons is a bridge to the mystic world of the dead.