The magic of art in Niemodlin Castle

“Painting is the silence of thought and the music of sight.”

― Orhan Pamuk, My Name is Red


     On the 24th of October Niemodlin Castle firstly opened its mysterious doors for talented people, organizing the art open air event. The main idea was to share historical knowledge about Niemodlin and surrounding attractions, which are worth to visit, and at the same time support arts and artistic skills of the participants.

        Over 50 people gathered for the event, 10 of whom were the students from the Academy of Fine Arts of Lodz, whose pictures were more classic and capturing details of the surrounding beauty. Also there were children from the city and neighborhood, who show bright and fairytale-like atmosphere of the castle in their works… Even the weather favored the event.

Plener Niemodlin Castle       An hour before the event, everyone had an opportunity to visit and discover all the parts of the fortress. The coordinators specially invited the guide who took the visitors around the secret corners full of exciting history and picturesque places of the castle that inspired them to create amazing works. Moreover, each of them could imagine traveling back in time, when the castle had its medieval life. As well, they were given the chance to try on the historical costumes of that period.

“It was my dream to dress up and fell as a heroine of the historical movie “Jasminum””- one of young ladies exclaimed with excitement.

Zamek Niemodlin

Plener Niemodlin CastleNiemodlin Castle

Having feNagroda Zamek Niemodlinlt the spirit of the ancient period and seen every corner of the fortress, young talents set to create. Three hours of hard work resulted in incredible pictures. Evaluation was accomplished in two age categories: children and youth, where three participants of each group received awards for the prize. Obviously, it wasn’t an easy choice for the jury, because the works were performed in highly  original manners and different styles. 

Rysunek ZamekThe contest ended in the late afternoon, and each guest was pleased, not only having participated in the artistic battle, but also inspired with a fantastic castle and pleasant time spent in the company of talented people.

       From this point, Niemodlin Castle opens a new page in its history, because such events will occur regularly, so don’t miss the updates about time of the events for creative people in our castle. We will look forward to new meetings with talents and will be happy to support modern art with a breath of ancient beauty.

Niemodlin Castle 

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