Niemodlin castle

Niemodlin Castle being over 700 years old is one of the most historically precious, biggest and most powerful castles in Poland.

Niemodlin Castle from XIII century

zamek niemodlin foto

Prince’s Boleslaw family has built the castle in order to protect the land of the Opolskie province. Demolished, burnt and conquered by the European powers, despite hundreds of years of war, the castle stands proud and till today watches over the lands of Opolskie.

It is a reflection of polish history and a gemstone for which Germans, Czechs and Polish were fighting, a book in which the history of the region, the history of Poland and Europe has been written. Every brick, every part of every wall holds a different, separate story that is illustrated through the styles of architecture.

Walls, underground tunnels, dungeons and hidden rooms could still be holding treasures of the west Poland, which belong to the most powerful families from those periods, which were hidden before the series of wars during those 700 years of the Castle.

The local people still pass on the histories of the mysterious residents of the Castle. Some of which you would wish to forget and others make you laugh and still make you emotional. The sad legend of the White Lady from Niemodlin, the funny story of Aunt Elżbieta or the dramatic incident with the participation of Rakish Monks still come back to us in stories told by the locals, and the ghosts often reappear above the castle’s chapel.

The Castle has always been an inspiration for the creators of culture, history, artists, painters, writers and poets. Intrigued by the magic of the surroundings Jan Jakub Kolski produced the famous film- “Jasminum” (2006).

Recently the Castle’s owners are Polish again, they have purchased it from the Italians and are now planning to bring the old brilliance. Most importantly it has already been opened to visitors, which for the past 25 years have been craving to go inside the unique property.